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Electronic Customs Filing Services

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eCLEAR is a cloud-based solution that allows you to post your manifests directly to Customs and Border Protection’s ACE system and many other government agencies in order to get your clearances electronically.  Use eCLEAR to post manifests and amendments through Vilden’s portal, avoiding the stress of purchasing or developing software and going through the Customs certification process.

eCLEAR is the perfect solution for shipping lines, agents, and NVOCCs that need to get access to the various government systems with a minimum amount of startup time and cost. Supports U.S. AMS/ACE, ISF 10+2, AES, EEM, paperless in-bond filing, Customs BL query; E.U. ICS2/ENS; Japan’s JP24; Canada’s eManifest, and many other filing requirements from across the world. Click "Details/Benefits" to see some more of the countries supported.

Importer Security Filing (eISF, eSTOW, eCSM)

Single conduit for importers, customs house brokers, shippers, NVOCCs and carriers to be fully compliant with U.S. Customs ISF5/ISF10 (10+2) requirements.

Electronic Export Manifest (EEM)

File Form 1302A Cargo Declaration/Export Manifest electronically with U.S. Customs.

Import Control System 2 (ICS2)

File ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) with European Union (EU) Customs.

Electronic/Paperless In-Bond

File in-bond electronically with U.S. Customs.

Customs BL Query (eCBQ)

Check cargo shipment status directly with U.S. Customs via ABI.

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