Shipping Liner & Agency Software

The Vilden Global Liner System (VGLS) is a fully integrated Shipping Liner and Agency application.  A key differentiator of VGLS is that it employs a single view of the corporate data base so that all activities, updates, postings, changes at the load ports, discharge ports, and all offices world-wide are immediately visible globally in real time.  There are no duplicate data bases with the attendant delay in updating remote sites and synchronization challenges, and the additional cost inherent in such systems.


VGLS provides a complete platform for managing the commercial and operational aspects of ocean carriers from the receipt of customer rate quotations, cargo bookings, local, regional and global equipment tracking, tracing and management, complete documentation modules for the load and discharge operations, Intermodal operations, financial information and controls, electronic communications (EDI) with trading partners and government agencies, electronic document transmissions via the internet, data base access security through virtual private networks and much more.