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Import Control System 2 (ICS2)

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Import Control System 2 (ICS2) - What You Need To Know


The European Union's Import Control System 2 (ICS2) is set to launch its third release on June 3, 2024.


ICS2 is an information technology system that gathers data on all goods entering the EU before their arrival. If your activities involve handling, shipping, or transporting goods, including express and postal consignments, to or through the EU, Northern Ireland, Norway, or Switzerland via sea and inland waterways, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the new ICS2 requirements. These requirements also pertain to e-commerce businesses.

Compliance with ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) data requirements is facilitated by ICS2 through multiple filings.


If you are a carrier issuing a master bill of lading, you must obtain the necessary data from all underlying house bills of lading issued by freight forwarders. This includes express or postal operators issuing equivalent transport documents. The required information encompasses buyer and seller data available to the consignee at the lowest house bill of lading level. In cases where the freight forwarder does not share the required data, a partial ENS must be submitted based on the master bill of lading, declaring the EORI of the freight forwarder in the filing.


Subsequently, the freight forwarder assumes responsibility for house level data filing in ICS2 and must obtain data from other issuing parties or declare the identity of parties yet to file.

For carriers issuing a straight bill of lading, additional commercial data must be obtained from the EU-established consignee. Failure to share the required data by the consignee prompts the carrier to declare its EORI in the partial ENS filing, making the consignee responsible and liable for the partial filing in the ICS2 system.

If you are a freight forwarder, express or postal operator issuing a house bill of lading, you need to inform the carrier or the 'master freight forwarder' about whom you issued the house bill of lading. You must either share the necessary data or file a partial ENS with ICS2, incorporating specific commercial data obtained from the EU-based consignee stipulated at the lowest level of the house bill of lading.

Consignees should be aware that they may be required to file an ENS containing buyer and seller information, depending on the contractual arrangements between the parties.

As Release 3 approaches, businesses are urged to prepare early and educate themselves on the new standards for sending goods to or via the EU by sea and inland waterways.


Vilden Associates has been working with implementation of ICS2, and can help you today!

Take advantage of the opportunity to refine your business process and modify your internal workflow, and be completely prepared ahead of any future filing requirement.

Detailed information and important dates for ICS2 filing can be found on the website:

If you have any additional questions on these upcoming changes or need help navigating and filing with the EU or US Customs, contact us today!

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