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Electronic Export Manifest (EEM)

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Customs Update: Electronic Export Manifest is Coming - Are You Prepared?


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been advising the trade that the Document Imaging System (DIS) will no longer be used to submit Form 1302A Cargo Declaration - Export Manifest, effective October 1, 2024.


How does this impact me – a carrier – and what can I do to prepare?

CBP advises that carriers currently utilizing DIS to file the form 1302A Cargo Declaration to begin to transition to either paper submissions or start participation in the Automated Cargo Environment (ACE) Export Manifest test, known as EEM (Electronic Export Manifest).


A carrier that is participating in the test and submitting EEM will no longer have to submit form 1302A Cargo Declaration Outward with Commercial Forms to the port of departure.

How does this impact me – an NVOCC/freight Forwarder – and what can I do to prepare?

While the NVOCC community today has no requirement to file house bills, nor give the carrier their proprietary shipper/consignee information, the coming requirement is expected to state that house bill details will have to be filed, including the actual shipper and consignee parties.


CBP will mandate that this data is filed, whether it be by the carriers or the NVO/freight forwarder.


As the trade experienced at the initiation of import AMS, the NVO/FF will have 2 options:

  1. File HBL yourself electronically. Vilden eCLEAR can file EEM, learn more of the benefits of filing yourself here.

  2. Provide the actual HBL information to the carrier to file on your behalf. 


If you are not prepared before the Federal Register Notice mandating the submission of house bill data, you run the risk of pushing against a deadline to make the necessary changes and/or having to share your information with other NVO/FF (consolidation) or carriers.


Vilden’s eCLEAR service is certified for EEM EDI transmissions, and can get you started right away!


We urge anyone preparing export documentation to consider participating in this important pilot program ahead of the April 2024 deadline. It helps to educate and begin the transition early.


If you are interested in more details on the requirements to register as a pilot participant, or any additional questions on these changes or filing with US Customs, you can reach us anytime!

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