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Customs BL Query (eCBQ)

Our Customs BL Query (eCBQ) service allows anyone with an interest in a shipment to query its status data via the Automated Broker Interface (ABI). Increase transparency and improve your service by providing your customers real time status updates on their Bill of Lading (BL) or in-bond filings. Below are some examples of the functions you can execute using eCBQ:

  • Query based on House Bill (HBL), Master Bill (MBL), in-bond number or Airway Bill (AWB)

  • For NVO HBL with no AMS match received, eCBQ can provide the following information:

a. Is the carrier bill on file as a Master or a Regular bill?

b. Has the correct MBL number been filed? (If not, no MBL will be reflected in the result)

c. Was the bill accepted by U.S. Customs (CBP)?

d. After HBL and MBL match in CBP system, postings go against MBL. Through e-CBQ, the user can see all releases posted to the MBL with piece count

  • Confirm whether a carrier has filed or corrected the BL in the CBP system

  • Determine whether the ISF for a shipment is on file

  • See if hold message(s) has/have been issued against the MBL

  • See if the cargo has been released

  • See if an in-bond movement has been authorized

  • See if the arrival message has been sent by the carrier

  • See if in-bond arrival message has been sent to CBP


Benefits of e-CBQ

  • Save time and labor: Instead of visiting multiple websites, have direct gateway to CBP via eCBQ

  • Know the bill status in near real-time: Avoid fines and penalties by taking prompt corrective action

  • Improve customer service: Quickly notify customers of their BL status

  • No I.T. infrastructure to support: No additional hardware/software, access our cloud-based solution via web portal

  • High Value, low cost solution: Improve your bottom line and improve margins through reduced labor and time. Re-invest in enhancing other business aspects


Have questions or need further clarification on how eCBQ can benefit you? Contact us anytime at, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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