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Helping our customers succeed is our central goal! Below you will find some examples of what some our valued customers have to say about our integrated transportation software services:


“Interfacing to eCLEAR couldn't be easier! Many of Transcon’s daily functions are now completely integrated and streamlined.”

-  Terry L., Transcon Shipping Co., Inc.


“Vilden offers excellent customer support, their team is patient with our requests and extremely knowledgeable. It has been a pleasure working with them!"

-  Kate L., Pan Pacific Express Corp. 

“Having worked with Vilden Associates for well over ten years, I can say without reservation that your products, services and customer support far exceed our expectations. Vilden and its associates are professional, knowledgeable and always ahead of the curve.”

-  Susan G., United Arab Shipping Co.

“Vilden has an excellent service that delivers more than promised. Using your software, I do not have to manage or support an entire IT team to run my operation. I can now allocate more resources to improve my business."

-  Hansel D., Seven Seas Shipping 

“We have used eCLEAR for over 5 years and continue to be very satisfied with the service and the support we are given."

-  Linda L., Eurasia Freight Services

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