Vilden Associates, Inc. - Celebrating 40 Years of Service

Vilden Associates, Inc. is extremely proud to be marking our 40th year of service to the logistics industry - a significant milestone that few companies achieve.

It is particularly gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary as the future of global trade looks so bright. After years of industry consolidation and stagnant growth or losses, global container trade and profitability rapidly rose in 2017, with the forecast for this year looking to match or exceed the momentum from last year. This growth in trade and profits have created an increasingly global and competitive environment. To compete effectively in this new reality, companies must employ information technology to achieve operational optimization, reduce costs, and increase profits. As we have done in our 40 years of service, we look forward to assisting the industry in meeting these goals and addressing future challenges.

Major anniversaries such as this are perfect opportunities to reflect on the long history of this company. We began as consultants and systems developers, performing tasks from contract programming to EDI in the late 70s through the 80s. The disastrous events on 9/11 led a shift in our mission, a focus on addressing and providing solutions to supply chain security concerns and newly implemented Customs regulations. Using our decades of knowledge and our consistent introduction of emerging technologies, today we can proudly state that Vilden provides the most comprehensive cloud-based software applications and Customs interfaces for the logistics industry. We are very excited for what the future holds.

We would like to acknowledge our employees, customers, and business partners - thank you for your continued commitment and support, our success would not be possible without you!

Here's to another fantastic 40 years,

Armando Villavicencio Sr.      Armando Villavicencio Jr. Founder & CEO                         President