UN/CEFACT & The Harmonization Of Global Trade

Keeping with our tradition of being on the forefront of trade optimization and information technology (IT) in the logistics industry, we wanted to take this opportunity to speak about our active participation in the discussions hosted by the United Nations (UN) intergovernmental body dealing with global trade efficiency and the use of IT in the supply chain sector. The United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) was established by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in 1996 to develop and promote simple, transparent, and effective processes for global commerce. To this end, UN/CEFACT mission is to simplify national and international transactions by harmonizing processes, procedures and information flows related to these transactions, rendering these more efficient and streamlined, with the goal of contributing to growth of global trade. UN/CEFACT projects have contributed to commonly known processes such as the global EDI standard UN/EDIFACT, as well as UN/LOCODES location codes used by the trade.

Vilden Associates, Inc. was selected last year to take part in UN/CEFACT conferences, with specific focus on a project dealing with the Trade Facilitation Canonical Model. The project's purpose is to address the importance of the role of canonical/harmonization process and data models in facilitating trade. The project will draw on UN/CEFACT's sound foundations and current progress to date in the development of such a harmonization model and proceed to develop guidelines to assist all working groups engaged in the development of UN/CEFACT standards and recommendations to contribute effectively to the delivery of the required harmonization model.

Our chief marketing officer, Rajiv Garg, last attended a UN/CEFACT conference in Rome, Italy in October of 2017. We are actively participating in forums and plan to attend the next conference in Geneva, Switzerland in April. Vilden will continue to seek ways to contribute to the facilitation of global trade by working with UN/CEFACT, Customs Electronic Systems Action Council (CESAC), as well as other opportunities. Additionally, we will continue leveraging the knowledge attained to improve our services and enlightening the trade and our customers with the latest information.