U.S. Diesel Prices Down Slightly After Summer Peaks

Average U.S. diesel prices dipped this week after they peaked in the weeks prior at levels last seen in early April. The national average price is $3.974, down 0.2 percent or 0.7 cents from last week. Prices are up 1.4 percent or 6 cents from January. However, prices remain down 3.9 percent year-over-year.

Prices dipped in most U.S. regions this week. The largest decrease came from the West Coast (except California), which saw prices drop an average of 1.3 cents to $4.032 per gallon. California and the Rocky Mountain region saw the only increases in price this week. California edged up 0.3 cent to $4.228; the Rocky Mountain region rose 0.7 cent to $3.941. The average prices in the Lower Atlantic, Midwest, Gulf Coast, and Rocky Mountain regions remain under the $4 per gallon mark.