U.S. Customs Regulatory Update: ACE Vessel Export Manifest

A Federal Register general notice posted on August 20th by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced plans to conduct the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Export Manifest for Vessel Cargo Test, a National Customs Automation Program (NCAP) test concerning ACE export manifest capability.  CBP has re-engineered the legacy AES to move it to an ACE system platform. The re-engineering and incorporation of AES into ACE will result in the creation of a single automated export processing platform for certain export manifest, commodity, licensing, export control, and export targeting transactions. This will reduce costs for CBP, partner government agencies, and the trade community and improve facilitation of export shipments through the supply chain.

The ACE Export Manifest for Vessel Cargo pilot will test the functionality regarding the filing of export bills electronically to CBP for vessel cargo using ACE. Export manifests are currently only required of carriers, but will eventually be required of non-vessel operating common carriers as well (NVOs). In the test, participants will submit export manifest data electronically to ACE at least 24 hours prior to loading of the cargo on the vessel. This will enable CBP to link the EEI (Electronic Export Information) submitted by the USPPI (US Principal Party of Interest) with the export manifest information earlier in the process. This capability will better enable CBP to assess risk and effectively target and inspect shipments prior to the loading of cargo to ensure compliance with all U.S. export laws.

CBP will select 9 participants for this pilot. Vilden Associates has been working with CBP on ACE for many years, and our application is being considered as one of the participants. The test will begin no earlier than September 21, 2015 and will run for approximately two years.

Contact us with any questions you may have about ACE or export manifest filings. We have included some white papers below.

Click here for our PDF whitepaper on ACE export manifest, includes background history on ACE and filing details.

Click here to see the official general notice from CBP, via the Federal Register. Contains detailed information on ACE export manifest and  more on the export manifest testing.