U.S. Customs Announces Changes to AMS Filing

In early summer 2011, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) began advanced testing of the ocean and rail cargo manifest systems in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). This testing is being done to ensure carriers and other filers currently utilizing the Automated Manifest System (AMS), are prepared to move forward with ACE.

Some of the benefits of ACE are:

  • Increased SNP notification to 25 parties

  • Extends a broker download to the sea environment

  • When cargo is held, notifies the carrier which Participating Government Agency (PGA) has held the cargo and the reason for the hold

  • Enables CBP to place and/or remove holds on the conveyance, container, bill of lading and partial quantities of a bill of lading

Recently, CBP stated that in early 2012, they will announce the decommissioning of the Automated Manifest System for sea and rail shipments, which would be the first major step in the move from the Automated Commercial System (ACS) to ACE. This move to ACE is currently anticipated for July 2012, or six months after the announcement.

The move to the ACE platform also has impact on carriers’ responsibilities and data access thru the ACE Web Portal.  Some of the benefits of a portal account are:

  • The ability to view and manage trade activity from a national account perspective and access to transactional, financial and compliance data

  • Allows carriers to maintain a custodial bond (Type2) authorization file

  • Create and maintain their conveyance (vessel) data

  • Provide detailed reports on In Bond, Equipment, Manifest, Bill of Lading and Commercial Party

Vilden Associates has been working directly with CBP on the testing of the required technical modifications.  When our testing has been concluded, we will begin transmitting parallel with ACE/AMS and this parallel transmission will continue until the AMS is officially turned off.  This lengthy parallel process with CBP will enable us to ensure that every client and all scenarios can be addressed and provide a solid foundation for this important change. If you haven’t begun looking for a way to file through ACE, there is no time to wait!

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For more detailed ACE information, please visit the CBP website:

News Release


You must apply for an ACE Portal Account to get started.  The application can be found here:



Once you have established your ACE Portal account, please go to the link below for a user guide to setting up your authorized users:

User Authorization

Also See the link below and select Ace Web Based Training, then e-manifest:  Rail & Sea for additional training on using the ACE Web Portal.

Web Based Training