The Rising Demand for Natural Gas Trucks

Following strong demand from Asia, the global market for natural gas-powered trucks is expected to rise 14 percent from now until 2019. Currently, Asia- Pacific nations make up nearly 75 percent of the global natural gas vehicle sales. This demand in these countries has been boosted by domestic government investments and expanding infrastructure.

The trends continue upward for the U.S. as well, with natural gas use increasing over 7 percent since last year, and 38 percent since 2006. The demand in the U.S. has been driven primarily by emission restrictions such as the Clean Port Acts and the rising price of fuel across the country. As demand for natural gas increases in comparison to diesel and gasoline, truck and engine manufacturers are expected to expand the new technology, with companies such as Clean Energy Fuels and Shell already partnering with truck stops throughout the major interstate trade corridors to grow the liquid natural gas delivery network.