The 9 Percent – Are You Ready for ACE?

In a recent CSMS (Cargo Systems Messaging Service) from U.S. Customs, it was announced that 9% of ocean carriers have not begun program changes, testing and transition scheduling for the Automated Commercial Environment, known as ACE.

Effective September 29, 2012 ACE will be the ONLY approved EDI for transmitting required advance sea cargo information, including 24hr rule, ISF, stow plans and container status messages to U.S. Customs.

It can take up to twelve weeks and substantial resources to complete the programming and certification testing required. The countdown to September 29th has begun, will you be ready?

Are you Ready for ACE? Vilden Associates has been a certified ACE participant since December 2011 and have already transitioned many of our clients to ACE. If you are not yet on board with ACE, Vilden’s CBP connection is ready to assist. Our e-CLEAR product can provide EDI up and down load capabilities, reducing clerical errors and the highest standard of customer service.  If you are part of the 9%, we can get you to the head of the pack in quick and cost effective way and provide immediate benefits to you. ACE is a new CBP system and will have some hiccups along the way.