Many Truckers Delaying Switch to Electronic Logging Required by HOS Mandate

A recent survey of more than 1,000 trucking operators by has revealed that the vast majority do not have the electronic logging devices (ELDs) or any type of on-board computer that will be required by the Hours of Service (HOS) Rule. Many of the respondents also hinted that they may not be ready to comply with a U.S. mandate requiring them to replace paper logbooks with ELDs until the December 2017 deadline.

An overwhelming majority, 84 percent, of the 1,300 trucking operators surveyed  said they had yet to purchase or install any type of device that would electronically record a truck driver’s on-duty and off-duty hours of service. The majority of those surveyed operated one to five trucks, said. Of the 16 percent that have purchased onboard computers for electronic logging, 67 percent said they have installed them in all of their trucks. “A lot of people wait until the last minute,” Thayne Boren, general manager of, said in an interview with the JOC. Purchasing, installing and using an electronic logging device won’t be as simple as throwing a light switch, Boren said. “There’s a process you have to go through, including training,” he said. There’s also a threat that a late-hour rush could swamp suppliers with order backlogs.

Shippers aren’t waiting for 2017 to begin quizzing their trucking partners about how they will comply with the mandated switch from paper to electronic logs. Shippers and carriers have acknowledged that ELDs and compliance timelines are coming up in talks about contract bids, with some shippers concerned on how the rule will affect capacity. Although 50 percent of the trucking operators surveyed believed ELDs would have a negative effect on their business, 19 percent expected a positive change and 23 percent no change, an improvement over past surveys, Boren said. “The ability to lower operational costs is starting to change the mindset of some people,” he said.

With the impending deadline soon approaching, it is never too early to see how you can comply with the ELD mandate and avoid and eliminate the unnecessary adversities that occur when making the switch from paper to electronic. It is also a valuable opportunity for you to identify other operational inefficiencies that could be holding your business back from its full potential. Vilden Associates is always here to help with your concerns, and our eDRAY application is more than capable of delivering cutting edge harbor trucking solutions that not only improve the efficiency, but also the profitability of your trucking operation. Our software includes completely integrated end-to-end real-time dispatching, 24/7 web track and trace module, rich EDI capabilities, driver’s pay and billing, integrated accounting system – A/R, A/P, G/L, including custom reports & financial statements, and our soon to be announced mobile features. Contact us today to learn more!