Japan’s Advanced Filing Rules (AFR – JP24) Sign Up For Special Year End Discount

On March 30, 2012, a bill to amend part of the Customs Tariff Law had been passed, establishing the Advance Filing Rules (AFRs) for imports to be implemented by Japanese Customs. The amendment requires carriers and NVOCCs to electronically submit information on maritime container cargoes bound for a port in Japan to Customs, in principle no later than 24 hours before departure of the vessel from the port of loading. The ruling is set to be implemented in March 2014, with full enforcement on March 10th, 2014. Unlike the roll out of the U.S.’ Importer Security Filing (ISF), there will be no grace period after the March start date.

With 3 months left before the enforcement date, time is of the essence to research and establish a connection to Japanese Customs!

As a service provider, Vilden’s e-CLEAR supports all of your U.S., European, Mexican, Australian, Caribbean, Panamanian, and soonJapanese filings! Accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet, cargo Manifests can be easily uploaded from your System to e-CLEAR electronically, eliminating the need to re-enter the BLs. In addition to transmitting the manifest to Customs, we can also transmit it to any Port Authority, Terminal Operator or Agent, reducing cost and resources for our customers

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Although the AFR is still some months away from being implemented, it is not too early to enroll and insure smooth transmission to Japan Customs!