European Exports Grow Along With Shipper Confidence

A survey of international shippers and freight forwarders last week shows a  growth in confidence in the European market, as data from the summer displays sustained growth in European exports for the majority of the trade lanes from May to June of this year.

Europe to Asia cargo grew 2 percent from May to June, and stands at 9.4 percent higher than they were in June 2012. Europe to North America notched up 3.1 percent from May, up 4.3 percent from June 2012. Europe to Australia/Oceania saw the largest gains, with 7.4 percent jump from May, 9 percent year over year.

The one major market to see a loss between May and June was Europe to South/Central America. June data shows a small decrease of 0.3 percent, putting a minimal dent in the gains of 8.2 percent from June of 2012.