Due to eManifest Technical Issues, CBSA Announces Enactment of New Voluntary Period

With continual technical issues caused by and related to eManifest house bill filings to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), a notice has been issued informing filers that the mandatory filing date has been pushed back, and the announcement of a new voluntary period.  This is to provide a grace period for filers until the CBSA platform is stabilized and recognized issues can be addressed. Quote from this week's notice: "To provide time for the CBSA to fully test and implement enhanced electronic house bill system functionality, the CBSA has determined that the existing timeline for mandatory eManifest house bill requirements should be modified.  A new voluntary period will begin immediately and will be in place for a period of at least one year. During this period no penalties for non-compliance will be issued regarding pre-arrival submission of house bills. Freight forwarders who are transmitting electronic house bills may receive report cards from the CBSA with respect to data quality within their transmissions."   We encourage all forwarders/NVOs bringing cargo to Canada and filing with CBSA to take advantage of this grace period to gain experience, and increase your comfort and knowledge base on the eManifest house bill, close messages and notices. Click here to view the entire Customs notice, dated May 23rd, 2017 Have questions or need help filing eManifest? Contact us anytime at, we will be more than happy to assist you in any way! Vilden Associates have been certified for eManifest HBL filings since May 2014, and are certified for the new D4 status notifications. Contact us today and see how our solutions can help you fulfill your ACI and eManifest requirements!