Customs Update: Cargo Systems Messaging Service (CSMS) - Changes to Stow Plan Processing

CBP plans to deploy to the Production environment several changes to Stow Plan processing on 1/13/2022. Three changes in particular will have trade implications.

Users will no longer receive status notification (RC/350) messages when a Stow Plan is rejected by CBP. Stowplan filers need to ensure they receive and resolve all rejected Stow Plan messages, or they could be subject to penalty for failure to properly file a Stow Plan.

Stow Plan filers will now be able to transmit data to CBP where a vessel is transporting containers and the vessel does not have an IMO. The formatting for those vessels without a Stow Plan will be to enter "NOIMO" in the IMO field followed by the first 2-4 letters of the vessel type. These vessel types shown below are valid:

Syntax - "NOIMO[first 4 letters of vessel type]"


Vessel Type Accepted Code



Other vessel types without an IMO are supported using the same syntax

In the BGM segment, if CBP receives duplicate Stow Plans with the same message ID (BGM 02 element) and the same action code, the second submission will be issued an accepted with warnings (S03) response message (CUSRES). Additionally, if a voyage is no longer destined for the United States, a Stow Plan message can be submitted with the same message ID (BGM 02 element) and an action code of ‘3’, indicating a delete transaction.


Initial submission: BGM++11838+9'

Second submission: BGM++11838+9' <- this submission will be issued an

S03 - accepted with warnings. If an update or change needs to be made,

the filer should use action code 4 or 5

Deleted example:

Initial submission: BGM++11838+9'

Delete submission: BGM++11838+3'

If you have any additional questions on the changes to Stow Plan filing, or other questions about US Customs, you can reach out to us anytime, stay safe!