Clean-Air Program for Ships Picked Up By LA Port

On May 10th, the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) became the first port in the U.S. to implement the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) to help reduce harmful vessel emissions.  POLA is hoping the ESI program will help reduce the levels of sulfur oxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and diesel particulate matter in the port.

Under this program, vessel operators will be incentivized with financial assistance for implementing voluntary engine, fuel and technology enhancements that help reduce pollutants.  The Los Angeles incentives will range from $250 to $5,250 per vessel call if they meet different requirements, such as engine specifications (Tier II, Tier III) and emissions certification, use of low-sulfur fuel and/or the capacity to use shore-side electrical power.

To participate, shipping lines must enroll their vessels through the IAPH/WPCI website as well as the port.  Registration is free.  The ESI program takes effect the first of July, with first incentive payments made in October.

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