Changes to E.U. Entry Summary Declarations Post-Brexit

Regardless how the United Kingdom (UK) leaves the European Union (EU), manifest filing requirements for Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) will be changing. Below you will find a few points outlining the changes to EU's ENS requirements for the UK:  

  • The UK will be considered outside of the EU.

  • This means that UK shippers/forwarders will issue separate MRNs (Manifest Reference Numbers), and those MRNs will not be recognized by any EU First Port Of Entry (FPOE) if the vessel makes a subsequent call, i.e., Bremerhaven or Rotterdam. Conversely, if bills of lading have been issued for any MRNs by the EU based on a FPOE within the EU scope, these will not be recognized for any subsequent calls at any UK port.

  • To put it simply, each time a voyage has both EU and UK port calls, the manifests must be resubmitted and receive new MRNs as the vessel calls EU, leaves the EU for the UK and then returns to the EU, etc. This is also true whether or not the vessel will discharge cargo (bunker, load only, etc). Unfortunately, this will only add more steps for EU/UK importers to comply with in order to ship their cargo between the UK and EU.  

For those that are filing ENS already, we advise that you look into your current filing process to insure that your solution will comply with the updated requirements once Brexit finally happens. If you are unsatisfied with your current service, we offer our e-CLEAR Customs Filing Solution, which has been upgraded with logic that inherits previously filed manifest information to streamline the post-Brexit filing process as much as possible!  

If you have any additional questions regarding the post-Brexit ENS filing process or need help setting up with EU/UK Customs, you are more than welcome to reach out to us at We would be more than happy to guide you through the changes and give you a detailed look at the value-added features included in e-CLEAR