CBSA eManifest Becomes Mandatory July 1, 2014

The long awaited e-Manifest requirements will move forward with a mandatory filing date of July 2014.

What is e-Manifest? This is the third phase of the Canadian Border Services Agency’s (CBSA’s) initiative to modernize and improve the security of the commercial process of importing goods into Canada. Highway carriers’ EDI and Portal access were deployed in 2011 and rail in 2012. Both systems continue to operate under an informed compliance period. To date, and until mandatory adoption of the process goes into effect, VOCCs have been responsible to file prime cargo reports (MBLs) as well as supplementary reports for FROB cargo and have typically handled cross border transport.

Beginning July 1, NVOCCs will be REQUIRED to file their own house bill filing (HBL), with new and additional data elements under a different data set than has previously been used. It must also be noted that cargo shipped by an NVOCC, that is discharged in the U.S. for Canadian destination overland (rail and truck), are now required to be filed. However, the trucker or rail carrier is now providing the Primary CCN or master bill number for filing purposes.

In addition to these new elements, NVOCC’s and House bill filers are also required to provide a “Manifest Close” message to the CBSA, naming all HBLs associated with the Master HBL, prime cargo report or ‘parent’ bill of lading, advising that all sub bills have been filed.

For more detailed information on obtaining a CBSA-issued carrier code, details on the additional data sets, filing FROB, and follow up information can be obtained by visiting here. As your service provider for Canadian Customs filings, e-CLEAR will provide you with the platform to be a direct filer, whether for direct ocean discharge, rail or truck cross border, or FROB cargo. Contact us today and insure you’re prepared before the July 1st implementation date!