Security Warning

with Service Pack 2


The recent upgrade from Microsoft for Windows XP is called service pack 2 or SP2.  Microsoft has increased the security precautions in an attempt to correct some issues within the Windows operating system.  However, some of these changes require that you make some adjustments so that you can “trust” certain websites.


Follow the steps below if you encounter any problems connecting to the system.




Steps to follow if your receiving this error message:







Adding to your trusted sites



Click on tools, and then select Internet options.  Select your security tab.



Click on Trusted sites, and then click on your Sites button.



First uncheck, “Require server verification (https :) for all sites in this zone”

Add then click on Add.

Add then click on Add.



Add then click on Add.

Then click on OK.



Click on your Privacy tab.

Towards the bottom of this window you will have Pop-up Blocker

Click on the Setting Button.



Add to this list.