Vilden's e-CLEAR has the ability to file electronic in-bond and will comply with the new rule. If you are not already filing electronically or fully meeting the new requirements, this is the best time to consider finding a solution before the rule is fully enforced. e-CLEAR provides two options for filing in-bond:

  1. File BL data in AMS to comply with new in-bond rule. e-CLEAR will allow user to file in-bond for the BL files in AMS to Customs & Border Protection (CBP).
  2. File direct paperless in-bond to Customs independent of BL filing.


Types of in-bond files that can be sent electronically to CBP

- Immediate Transportation (I.T.) - Used to move merchandise in-bond without paying duty and taxes and no examination  until the goods arrive at the port of destination and entry is filed.
- Immediate Exportation (I.E.) - Used to export merchandise from the same port of origin.
- Transportation and Exportation (T&E) - Used to move and export merchadise at another port, other than port of origin.


Benefits of in-bond filing with e-CLEAR
No License Fee -

Web-based Solution - No I.T. or hardware maintenance costs. Accessible from anywhere in the world.

40 Years of Expertise - Vilden has been providing the transportation industry with software solutions for 40 years. Long standing ties with U.S. Customs



Customs' new in-bond rule will be effective November 27th, 2017. After full enforcement, in-bond filings will need to be submitted electronically. Vilden will help users set up unique environments to file electronically with CBP and assist in setup with Customs. Have questions or need further clarification? Contact us anytime at or 562.997.7000, we will be more than happy to assist you in any way!