Improve Your Process Efficiency With The New e-CLEAR 10

Posted on: Jul 04, 2017

e-CLEAR is a web-based software solution that allows you to post your manifests directly to Customs and Border Protection's ACE-AMS System and many other government agencies in order to get your clearances electronically.  Our service allows you to post manifests and amendments through Vilden's pre-approved service center so you do not have to worry about purchasing or developing software and going through the Customs certification process. e-CLEAR is the perfect tool for shipping lines, agents, and NVOCCs that need to get access to the various government systems with a minimum amount of startup time and cost. Supports U.S. ACE, Importer Security Filing (ISF) 10+2, and many other filing requirements from across the world! 
We've been hard at work adding new tools to the new-look e-CLEAR 10 interface, which is now available. This latest release focuses on increasing functionality and productivity with new operational, managerial and customer support tools! Many new features have been integrated into e-CLEAR 10, including:
  • Improved Menu & Screen Design
  • New Sorting & Filtering Capabilities
  • ACE Alerts Customizable Triggers for Quick Alerts via Email
  • ABI Query
  • My Favorites Customizable Quick Links
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Instant Customs BL Status Query
  • Customs Track & Trace
  • Export Data to Spreadsheets
  • Company Maintenance Administrative Capabilities
  • Vilden's New Learning Center Featuring How to Videos and Guides
e-CLEAR's International Reach
Our Customs filing solution allows you to file with various government entities internationally:
  • United States: Automated Commercial Environment (ACE-AMS), Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2, ISF 5), ACE Export Manifest (AEM)
  • Canada: Advance Commercial Information (ACI), eManifest
  • European Union (E.U.): Entry Summary Notification (ENS), Exit Summary Notification (EXS)
  • Mexico: SAT - Servicio de Administración Tributaria
  • Panama Canal: PCA - Panama Canal Authority
  • Puerto Rico: Hacienda
  • Japan: Advanced Filing Rules (AFR), JP24
  • Hong Kong: Electronic System for Cargo Manifests (EMAN)
  • Australia: CUSCAR - Sea Cargo Report (SEACR)
  • File for Caribbean and many more!
Reach out to us at for a free Customs filing assessment, and for more detailed look at the value-added features included in the latest version of e-CLEAR. Click here for a free brochure and learn more about our services across the globe!