e-DRAY Features

Automatic Rating and Billing
System automatically rates invoices according to general or customer sensitive tariffs with ability to override manually. The system provides billing functions for drayage, LTL, detention, demurrage, storage, and miscellaneous invoices and automatically updates Accounts Receivable and generates the Sales Journal.

On-Line and web-based inquiries to trace shipments by various criteria (i.e. Container Number, Pro, Steamship Line, Destination, etc.)

Sales Analysis
Produces on-demand reports by customer, consignee, route, descending/ascending revenue, or other customized criteria.

Prepares documents as necessary, including delivery receipts, running orders, customer notifications, etc.

Provides ability to send and receive data electronically to customers, vendors, terminals, etc.

Equipment Control
Tracks and Traces equipment, avoids or reduces equipment detention and demurrage charges, and provides complete history of equipment moves.

Driver Settlements
System automatically calculates driver pay for all moves and assessorial charges and prepares driver checks and comprehensive supporting logs. A driver deduction sub-ledger is provided to record one time and reoccurring driver deductions which are automatically included in the driver settlements.

Centralized Availability Checking
Centralized screen to check availability at all eligible terminals.

Provides for real time dispatching of drivers based on priority of open orders, work in progress, driver availability and enables dispatchers to optimize routing and driver utilization.

On-Line Help
Each application makes extensive use of on-line tutorials, making it simple to learn and use.

Driver Utilization and Safety
This module provides ability to manage driver availability, performance, expiration of licenses and insurance, inspections, drug testing, etc.

Accounting Interface
Automatically generates accounting interfaces for integrated systems including Sales Analysis, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger.

System Tables
The system can be customized with client specific values and profiles stored in secured tables which give e-Dray great flexibility to tailor the environment without incurring expensive programming costs.

Menu Driven
Menus are organized by functions and processes to make the system easy to use and improve work flow.

Provides a data base from which various statistical reports can be generated.