Customs Filing Solution (e-CLEAR)

e-CLEAR is a web-based solution that allows you to post your manifests directly to Customs and Border Protection’s AMS System and many other government agencies in order to get your clearances electronically.  It allows you to post manifests and amendments through Vilden’s pre-approved service center so you do not have to worry about purchasing or developing software and going through the Customs certification process. e-CLEAR is the perfect solution for shipping lines, agents, and NVOCCs that need to get access to the various government systems with a minimum amount of startup time and cost. Supports U.S. AMS (ACE), E.U. ENS, Mexico, Japan’s JP24, Canada’s eManifest,  and many other filing requirements from across the world.

Click here to learn more on U.S. Customs ACE requirements

Click here to learn more on Japan’s JP24 requirements

Click here to learn more on Canada’s eManifest requirements



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