Shippers Enter Trucker Hours-of-Service Lawsuit

Shipping association NASSTRAC has joined the legal battle over truck driver hours-of-service rules, siding against consumer advocate Public Citizen, which filed a lawsuit seeking daily driving limits reduced to 10 hours.  NASSATRAC agrues that the difference between the current 11-hour limit and the proposed 10 hour wouldn’t make a difference. They also cited that trucking fatalities have gone down since the 11-hour limit was implemented in 2004.

Although the NASSATRAC is fighting against the 10-hour limit, they are behind the American Trucking Association’s (ATA’s) challenge to rivisions to the 34-hour restart provision that would keep some drivers off the road longer between work weeks. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rule is suppose to take effect July 2013.

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